Autocross is a low speed event held on an open paved lot. The intent is to familiarize drivers with their limits and the limits of their cars. The course is laid out using small highway cones in a road course fashion. Individual runs are timed and results are announced at the awards session. Safety is a primary concern.

The typical event day starts out with registration and a tech inspection. At registration, the cars are classified so that similar performance cars compete against each other. The tech inspection is to confirm the safety of the car. Items checked include driver has a helmet, fluid levels, brakes, wheel bearings, steering and tires. Ultimately, the mechanical condition of your car is your responsibility. Do you really want to be heading into a corner with those squeaky 2 year old brake pads?

Typical Autocross Timeline

7:30am - 9:00am Onsite registration and Mandatory tech Inspection
9:15am Mandatory Drivers Meeting & Course Walk Through
(If you miss the Drivers meeting OR Course Walk through
you will NOT be allowed to participate. This is for
safety & PCA Insurance Reasons. No Exceptions.)
9:45am First Car Off
3:00pm - 3:30pm Awards

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