The Carolinas Region PCA is committed to giving back to the community. Whether it be a donation to the Childrens Home, The Ronald McDonald House, Saint Vincent DePaul, or even assistance with utility expenses, we are committed to giving back. When club members work events they not only help raise hard earned chairty funds, they also get to mingle and get to know one another. After all, it's not just the cars, it's the people. Our charity events are hard work but well worth the effort.

Our recent chairty events have been a great success. From car shows, autocrosses, chairty laps, and tour donations, our members have made these events a great success! Each of our eight areas is committed to making a difference in our own community by working with local charities as well as supporting region-wide charity events. Many of our club events request a donation as a part of the participation. These funds are provided in their entirety to charity, often including a region-wide donation match from the club.

Some of our recent chairty events are

Upcoming Events