Member Profile: Dave Lumpkin
September 1, 2011
The Historian’s Desk By Lou Scalzo
Hi Everyone, Saturday August 13, I attended the Annual Triad Swap meet, hosted by RennGruppe Motorsports in Lexington. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with long time PCA member Dave Lumpkin. He has contributed much personal time to the club and has served many positions on regional and national level. He was nice enough to share his PCA story with me and now I would like to share it with everyone in the Carolinas Region. Now in his words is Dave’s Porsche story.
Right: Fran at her navigational duties while stopped somewhere along the Rhine River valley and all the beautiful wineries.
If the definition of a dyed-in-the-wool gear head includes an early start, then I guess that I qualify. I started with model airplane engines, before glow plugs, when they had spark plugs and had to haul around a coil, battery, points and a capacitor. I went to a couple of small displacement scramble bikes, and then a real ‘32 Ford 3 window coupe with a fairly hot 59A flathead. Progress continued through a Lancia, two MG’s, and a Silver Star 220D that I kept much longer than I would have thought possible.

It took a few years but THE 993 turned up on eBay back in early 2007. It was described as a C4S with 10,000 miles but there’s no such thing as a ‘95 C4S. I called to inquire and found out that it was a neighbor’s car who knew nothing about eBay and he was just listing it for him as a favor. (Apparently, he knew nothing about Porsches either!) After speaking directly to the owner, it was determined to be an early ’95 black/black Carrera coupe with only 10,000 miles. A call to the owner’s mechanic verified service records and meticulous maintenance. At the end of the auction, I was high bidder but it didn’t meet reserve. Another phone call and a final bit of negotiation sealed the deal.

My lusting after the four wheel holy grail started somewhere in the middle of my vehicle history. In the early 50’s I lived in Birmingham, AL., and there was a hill climb that the SCCA held up at the Old Montgomery Highway. That was where I saw my first 356, and I was hooked on the spot. I liked the way it looked, sounded, and especially liked the way it hung out in some of the uphill hairpins. A few years later I was living in Pittsburgh PA and one afternoon a Speedster passed by and the hook was sunk deeper. Of course there was the 356 sound, but the low side window openings blew me away. [Chopping my ‘32 had always been out of the question financially, and here was a car that came that way!

Alas and alaack, a number of things happened along the way to my first Porsche. There was military service, an engineering degree, marriage, two kids, and a couple of moves. Then one afternoon Fran called me and said there was a car we needed to look into. It turns out that if you read the article on BJ Craven a few months back, you were introduced to the owner of the car, Reece Burris. My current 72 “RED E” was Reece’s personal car for two years and it was time for him to get a new Porsche. I had known Reece from the mid 60’s when we both competed in the SCCA Southeast Divisional rally circuit. I knew Reece as a navigator and had no idea of what kind of cars he owned or what he did for a living. I am very glad he was in the Porsche business, because that ‘72 has been in our garage for 37 years, and is a real family member.

Above left: Dave’s son Greg visited in ‘09 with his ‘08 GT3 RS shown with the 1972 “RED E” and the ‘09 Boxter S. Above right: Concours photographs from Rennfest 2010 when the Lumpkin’s elected to take two cars.
I guess it isn’t unexpected to find that my interests led me to get involved with the mechanical aspects of my vehicles. I have turned wrenches with all of them from model airplane engines, motorcycles, flat-head Fords, twin cam Lancia, and my 911.

I should say a few words about how Fran fit into all of this early history. Not only was she the person that identified our first Porsche, she has been a partner in our automotive activities since before our marriage in 1965. Our second date was a grassy hillside at VIR, with Oak Tree in sight - that’s the old VIR of course.

PCA History
We joined PCA in 1977 while we were living in Wilmington, N.C. At the time, if Wilmington, NC was not the jumping off place for the earth, it certainly had to be in sight of it. Every month it was the same drill; pack up and drive 200+ miles for the Carolinas Region event and 200+ miles back. The distance to events may have been a drag, but the events were really great. There were annual events that will always back great memories; the hill climb at Paris Mountain State park, the Challenge events at Charlotte Motor Speedway, autocross at Carowinds [after they closed for the season],the NC Highway Patrol driver training course in Charlotte, and of course Sun Fun Run at North Field in North, SC. There were also some of the regional events that became part of our regular activity. Peachstate’s Rennfest has been a regular event for us since 1977 or ‘78 and we have been to all of them since, except for the one that was at Calloway Gardens. We also began going to Parades, and this year in Savannah was number 28 for us.

In 1981 we moved to Greensboro, NC and things picked up in our PCA activity. In Carolinas Region I have served as Membership Chairman and upgraded the mechanism from card file to an Access database. I also served as Treasurer, Vice President, and two years as President of the region.

From 1989 through 1994, I served national PCA as the Zone 3 rep. One of the things that I worked to develop was a series of multi event weekends with all of the regions in Zone 3. Also during that period Woody DeLong [Peachstate] and I set up a Zone autocross series that worked for a number of years. The reason for starting the series was that each region had its own definition of classifications and what was legal, etc. In the end we adapted the PCR’s and the playing field was level across the zone.

Following my appointment to Zone Rep, I held two elective offices as National Treasurer, and National Vice President. During that period I was the National Administrative Systems Chair, and led the program to shift our national records from the IBM System 36 mainframe we were using to a more progressive client-server network that provided much more information. It, of course, has grown in sophistication by orders of magnitude since its initiation.

I have also been an insider part of two Parades. I was asked to be the Scoring Chair for the 2003 Suncoast Parade, and in 2008 I was co-chair of the TSD Rally for the Charlotte Parade.

In 2009 it was time to take delivery on a new Boxster S. It was a tourist delivery that almost didn’t happen because of needing to be sure about the color choice. At the 2007 San Diego Parade I was an interior judge at the Concours, and in walking the line of cars before the start I saw one that appeared black in shade, but metallic green in sunlight. I spoke with the owner and found that the color is Rain Forest Green. Well in ordering the new car in early 2009, Rain Forest Green was no longer an optional color, but a new metallic green, Porsche Racing Green was listed. It is hard to tell from paper color samples so we put off ordering until the real samples came in-only about a week or so from the drop dead for ordering a new vehicle for tourist delivery.

What a grand experience! If you are going to buy a new Porsche I can’t think of a better plan than taking a tourist delivery. We had no rigid schedule except for the major places we wanted to visit. It was all done with three Michelin maps and a Garmin, and mostly back roads except when we were in major cities. The photograph of Fran and I was taken in Vienna by someone we conned to take the picture. What can I say? PCA has been a big and satisfying part of my life, and will be into the foreseeable future. I have great friends all across the country and look forward to seeing them at future Porsche events. Life is good!