Proposed Judging Class
November 1, 2011
By Mike Jones & Mike Rich

Porsche owners are privileged to be able to select from such a variety of years and models to suit their individual preferences. Considering the fact that Porsches were first manufactured in 1948 and currently are producing 5 model lines with many varieties of each model being offered produces the opportunity to have many different types of Porsches represented at any Concours.

While this is great for those of us that enjoy viewing all of the various models, it creates a challenge for the group responsible for organizing the Concours. It would be great if we could give everyone a trophy but that would dilute the sense of competition that most of us enjoy and also be economically impossible. So how do we determine how to have a competitive grouping of cars while still staying in budget?

That question has been discussed by several individuals that have held events during 2011. We have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to make everyone happy and you are never guaranteed that you will come up with the desired results because you never know who will enter the event. You can only try to come up with a solution and be as reactive as what you can be to the situation

A proposal was made to try the following grouping of classes:

POR 1 356, 914, 911 & 912 (1965-1977)
POR 2 911 1978-1998
POR 3 911 1999-PRESENT
POR 4 924/944/968/928
POR 6 SPECIALTY & Limited Production (includes 356 Speedster, Convertible D & Carrera, 911 RS & 911 RSR, 911 Turbo (all years 911 & 930), 911 Speedster (all years 89, 94, 2011), 911 RS America, 911 GTS , 911 GT 1, 911 GT 2, 911 GT 3, 911 GT 3RS, 911 GT 2RS, Carrera GT , Cayenne & Panamera)
This solution was used for 2 of the premier events in the region, In Den Bergen and Euro 2011, and differed only slightly in implementation but resulted in vastly different results because of who entered the event. Both events had almost equal participation but at In Den Bergen the largest group was the Boxster/Cayman class while at Euro 2011 the largest group was the 356/914/911 & 912 (1965-1977) class.

So there is no easy solution. This allows all models to be represented but it all depends on who enters as to what your results are.

As we look forward to 2012, we would like to solicit comments about your thoughts on the above groupings and your ideas on other solutions or modifying the current model. There is no solution that fits all events but we are looking for a model that is realistic. Send your comments to and we will report back to you.

– Mike Jones & Mike Rich