Autocross Report - 2011 Round #5 Greensboro Coliseum
December 1, 2011
By Carolinas Region Autocross Committee

We had a good turnout of 41 Drivers as well as friends, family and lots and lots of spectators this past weekend. The weather could not have been any better with sunny skies, reaching mid 70s for most of the day. With a late cancellation of our private airstrip tarmac it looked like Event #5 may be in trouble. Originally we were going to have the event at Koury Aviation’s base at Piedmont Triad International Airport. Unfortunately the FAA /TSA decided a few days before our event that wasn›t going to happen.

So, at the last minute we were able to secure a new lot at the Greensboro Coliseum, which wound up being a great location. With a nearly 1/4 mile long parking lot this would be a good foundation to have a potentially excellent course. And an excellent course it was... courtesy, of Andy Rutledge and His Dad John who had staked out the local in an advance and mapped out a course that was totally different then anything we have run before.

An extra BONUS, everyone was able to get 8 runs with lap times nearing 1 minute long. Nearly every car was in 2nd gear, and some even went to 3rd. The best part was that each driver consistently dropped their times on each run. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying this course.

In addition to the usual “Husband vs. Wives” competition of Jerry and Sadie, Sean and Cari, and Fran and Dave, we also had 5 Father & Son showdowns in this event. Andy Gore brought his son Jon for his first ever autocross. They both had a slow start, getting the hang of the course on their first 2 laps. Eventually Andy knocked off 8 seconds to finish a respectable 6th in the highly competitive P08 Class. As for Jon, he knocked 11 seconds off his first lap time, finishing the day in 2nd place behind class winner Kevin Snyder in Jon’s First Autocross event ever. Great job Jon. And great Job KEVIN.

Bill Petrozelli and his Son Brian have been working all season on their turbocharged 914, and competing in the MO2 (Modified 2 Class). This weekend, Bill was able to lay down some great runs and nudge by his son for 2nd place behind class winner Jerry Kilcrease.

John Brindle and his son Coleman were ready to compete against each other in the P02 class for the 5th time this year. Unfortunately, Coleman had a power steering issue before he started the event. Eventually he worked through the problem. But it just wasn’t the same without power steering, so Dad got the best of him this weekend with the Class win.

Normally Andy Rutledge drives his father John’s 993 and they duke it out sharing the same car. This weekend, John made Andy use his own car. That was unfortunate, for everyone else. In a well prepped 2008 BMW 135, Andy wound up taking the overall FTD for the weekend. Cari and I had the pleasure of doing a hot lap with Andy, and all I can say is WOW.

Matt Motteler and his father-in-law Mike Jones battled it out in nearly identical 997 C4s (one Cab, one Coupe) with Matt taking his first class win in only his 2nd Autocross ever. Thanks in part to Walter Stone for giving Matt some quality instructions, guidance, and first hand “here is what your car can do” with Matt riding shotgun while Walter drove him through the course at a blistering pace. After that experience, Matt was able to knock off 2 seconds on his next lap, and went on to knock off another 3 seconds, taking the class win. Great job Matt. It’s going to be really fun to see what happens in the finals on Nov. 6th.

This example of Walter helping Matt goes to anyone who is new to AutoX, and isn’t sure what to expect your first time out there… We promise, you will never be left to “figure it out”. We will always have someone to help guide/instruct any time you need it. And even if you have plenty of experience, and just want some help or advice, that’s what we are here for.

A BIG thanks to Foreign Cars Italia who sponsored the entire Oktoberfest weekend (Shine and Show, Auto X Round #5). They provided Breakfast in the morning, and a catered lunch in the afternoon as well as the parking lot and airport. We greatly appreciate that very much

Once again thank you all for your attendance. We couldn’t do it without you.

– Carolinas Region Autocross Committee

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