Autocross 2012 News and Information
February 27, 2012
By Sean Steinbrueck

Hey everyone, hope you had a great Holiday season, and everyone is doing well.

We have lots of information for all our drivers. So, please be sure to read everything carefully, and let us know if you have any questions.

We have finalized our 2012 NEW Car Classes, adding in the NEW Porsche models that have recently been released. As well as adding Showroom Stock Class for those of you who have a 100% bone stock late mode Porsche, with absolutely, No Modifications. It must be same as driven out of the dealership. Meaning your Tools, Jack, Air Compressor, Spare Tire(If applicable), Floor mats....etc.. All must remain in the car. Stock Wheels, OEM Spec Tires...etc. This class is normally only used for Concourse events. But, since we we have enough cars that seem to fit it, we are going to try it out this year.

You will also notice, we don't list the "Modified" Class this year. That's not to say we won't use it... if applicable.

But, the NEW 2012 PCA National Rules allow the"Improved" Class to do just about any modification save "Removing Headlights, and Tail Lights"... and Weight Restrictions. See Attached Copy of Rules listed below. So we will just stick with Improved this year, unless someone shows up in a Full Race Car, with No Headlights and Tail Lights, and/or falls BELOW the Minimum Weight requirement of "Improved" Class.

Also new this year, is Drivers will register in the class of their choice. This is the same way Porsche Parade does their registration. It's the drivers choice... and drivers responsibility to read the rules, and understand them. And register his car accordingly.

Of course, the Autocross committee is always here to help if your not sure, or need more clarity on the Rules... before registering.

Please find attached copies of the:

• 2012 Autocross Rules, Registration, Championship Points System, Car Classes, PCA National Car Classification Rules
• PCA National Car Weight restrictions and Wheel Size Reference & Restrictions
• 2012 Autocross Schedule

Look forward to seeing you all in April 15th at the first Event

Carolina's Autocross Committee