Carolinas Region PCA Lands on Flipboard
February 29, 2012
By Don Roof
If you've spent any time at all with an iPad, it soon becomes second nature to touch and swipe your way through web pages, magazines, books and applications with just just a finger stroke. This ease of use has lead to the mass adoption of the iPad by many as the preferred way to consume a variety of electronic content. Whether it's a book, a newspaper, twitter, or news feeds, Flipboard was one of the first apps to aggregate content from mutiple sources and present it in a magazine style, swipe-powered layout.

With this preferred interface, it's natural for Flipboard users to seek out all of their preferred news content and integrate it into the Flipboard environment. Think of it as a sort of one-stop-shopping interface for topics of interest.

The Carolinas Region Porsche Club of Ameria (PCA), in addition to our own web site (, now offers all the same news features and articles via an RSS feed. If you're not familiar with RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication), think of it as a standards-based way to provide our Region's content to news readers such as Google Reader, and you guessed it... Flipboard.

Adding our news feed to Flipboard is really easy. Follow these simple steps and you'll be up and running in no time.

How to add the Carolinas Region PCA to Flipboard:

STEP 1: Launch Flipboard and select the Search feature in the top right corner.

STEP 2: Type in the URL address of the News feed into the search input field:

STEP 3: Select the Carolinas Region PCA news feed that automatically appears below the search:

STEP 4: Once the news feed is open, Select the "Add" button at the top left to add a tile to your Flipboard pages

That's it! Once you've added the feed, new articles and other news items will automatically appear in Flipboard as they become available from contributors around the region. Hopefully you'll find this to be a great new way to keep in touch with all the latest Porsche news throughout our region. If you have ideas for articles or other content you'd like to see featured on Flipboard, or on our web site please let me know.

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