Autocross Report - 2012 Round #1 Greensboro Coliseum
April 30, 2012
By Carolinas Region Autocross Committee

The 2012 Carolina Region PCA Autocross Series Round #1 started off kind of chilly. The wind was up and the clouds were blocking the sun. It felt like about 50 degrees. Luckily, the skies cleared quickly and the sun warmed the air up to a nice 75-80 degrees through the event.

We had good turn out with 6 new drivers attending their first autocross event. Of those 6, a father and son duo of Dale and Andrew Ostrander would compete in Dale’s 1987 Porsche 944. Andrew, being only 16 years old, was eager to show his Dad up. Early on, Andrew was having some difficulties figuring out the track, so we had our resident Autocross Super Star, Andy Rutledge, hop in the car and give him some coaching. It wasn’t long before he had knocked off 7 seconds from his lap time. Each lap, both of them had huge smiles on their face and seemed to really be having a great time. By the end of the day Dale had edged out his 16 year-old son by only 3 seconds.

The S05 class was highly competitive with Matt Motteler, Ed Beroset, and Mike Jones competing for the class win. Unfortunately, Matt kept hitting the last cone on the course, which added 2 seconds to his time. He finally got a clean run and took the lead. Up until lap 6, it looked like Matt might seal the win, but on Mike’s final lap he put down a blistering time of 53.789 winning the S05 class.

Husband and Wife team of Jerry and Sadie Kilcrease took on the I04 Class. Joining them was first-timer Carlos Fries. Carlos had a few issues on his first 3 laps trying to get the hang of the course. On his 5th lap he put down a great time of 58.322, which looked to seal up 2nd place. Unfortunately for him, Sadie had one more turn. And she dropped the hammer on her 1979 Porsche 911 SC finishing with a terrific time of 56.777 and taking over 2nd place. Jerry’s final lap was equally amazing finishing with a 53.156 To put that in perspective, Jerry and Sadie’s Car has NO Power Steering and NO ABS. Yet, he finished with a time that put him in the top 10 overall for the Day. Great job, Jerry.

As always the Boxster and Cayman Group had the most turn out with a total of 9 drivers in the same class. Except this year, it’s the Showroom Stock S07 Class. For 2012 we added Showroom Stock class for drivers who have ZERO Modifications on their car. Literally. You cannot change anything. You cannot even change your tire below the OEM Tread Wear Rating. So it’s truly a BONE STOCK class right off the showroom floor class. Steven Yea started off fast right out of the gates, with a great time of 55.769 on his first run. Followed closely behind by Kevin Synder with a 56.559 on his first run. Steven usually needs no help going faster after each run. So we left him alone. By the middle of the event, Kevin seemed to have felt like he was maxed out. But, a little coaching and getting him to turn off his traction control dropped his best lap time to a 52.721, nearly 4 seconds faster then his first lap. Unfortunately it just wasn’t quite enough, as Stephen would do one of the days fastest time of 51.046 on his final lap taking the Class win from Kevin. What makes it even more impressive, these two drivers are in the BASE Models of the Boxster and Cayman in a class where the majority have the S Model. Just goes to show you, how competitive ANY Porsche Model is. (Are you listening Brian?)

In the I05 Class, Cari Steinbrueck in her 2007 GT3RS and James Buchanan in his 2006 Cayman S battled back and forth run after run, with each one upping the other as the day went on. In the end, Cari nudged out Jim for 2nd in Class by the slimmest of margins 0.041 with a time of 51.892 to Jim’s 51.933. 1st in the I05 class went to Sean Steinbrueck with a time of 48.556 taking the Overall FTD.

Course Setter, and all around amazingly fast Andy Rutledge finished the day with a time of 49.454 in his 2008 BMW 135i, Winning the “NON” Porsche Class and 2nd Fastest Driver of the day. Proving you don’t have to bring your Porsche just to go fast in the Autocross event. In the same “NON” Porsche class, Chris Porter having left his “White Trash” Rustoleum White colored 944 at home in lieu of his VW Golf. And turned a very respectable 55.602.

Best of all, everyone got 7 Runs, and we still finished the event just a little past 2:00. Another great day of Autocrossing.

See you at the Next Event.

– Carolinas Region Autocross Committee

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