Driver's Education Report
September 1, 2012
By Brian Powell

Our fall trifecta will have just kicked off with our September 8th/9th visit to Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC. Following on its heels in October will be the annual Carolinas Club Race, now with Hawk on board as our premier sponsor. While the Club Race is a 3 day event, a 2 day DE will also be held on Saturday/Sunday. There will be 2 run groups for this event, student and solo/instructor. Combined with the Club Race festivities, this makes for a great weekend. You won’t be on track with the latest Cup cars, but there are some prime photo opportunities in the paddock and your neighbors will never know the difference.

And finally, our annual VIR date just keeps getting bigger and bigger as we all look forward to the season wrap up event at the 3.2 mile, 17 turn track. Last year, we had over 220 drivers participate in the 3 day event at Virginia International Raceway in Alton, Va. It’s a great time to socialize and close out the year. Friday is a solo only day, with student groups added into Saturday & Sunday. On Saturday night, we’ll have our social hour at the track with heavy appetizers and your favorite beverages. The event is always the weekend before Thanksgiving which will give you plenty of time to recuperate later in the week over a plate of turkey. I understand onsite lodging at VIR is almost full. So if you are planning to attend, make your arrangements promptly.

Registrations for Carolinas Drivers Education event are online using As a rule, DE registration will open 2 months prior to the event. Be sure to visit the DE page on our region website as well. We have a lot of new information there such as our updated Drivers Ed Guide, 2012 tech form and the approved inspection sites.

For more on any of these events contact Brian Powell at (704-260-0716).