Upstate Area Holiday Party 2012
January 15, 2013
By John Budinich

The Annual Upstate Area Holiday Party was held on Saturday, December 15. Once again, John and Kelle Corvin graciously opened their home to PCA members and guests to kick-off the holidays. This party has become one of the highlights on the Upstate Area's annual calendar as a means to celebrate the holidays, socialize with other PCA members and raise money for charitable causes.

IMG_0843.jpgIn all, 52 people filled the kitchen, dining room and living room of the Corvin household. In addition to the lively conversation, there was a wide assortment of food from which to choose, including beef, fish, shrimp, snacks and many other selections. Key West once again catered the party and did a fantastic job. No one left the party wanting for more to eat.

Once everyone had his or her fill, the main event got under way. The highlight of the Upstate Area Holiday Party is always the charity auction. Members and area businesses donate primarily Porsche related items, both large and small. Partygoers engage in some spirited bidding for these items, sometimes resulting in “bidding wars” spurred on by the crowd. All of the proceeds from the auction are given to a local charity to help those most in need. This year, we once again supported the St. Vincent DePaul Society in Greenville, SC.

IMG_0844.jpgThey use the funds to help local families who cannot afford to pay their electric bills, heating bills or in some cases, food bills.

Shane Tisdale acted as auctioneer again this year. Shane has a great ability as MC to keep the proceedings lively, entertain the group with his humor and to draw out the biggest amount for each item.

IMG_0846.jpgA great example of Shane's abilities was demonstrated when we got to the wine. Donato Ricci provided an assortment of six, high quality French wines for the auction. The wines were sold individually and raised a significant amount of money. Shane then proceeded to auction the branded, wooden crate that the wine came in. He was able to sell the crate alone for an additional $60. More proof Shane can sell just about anything and the Upstate Members are willing to help deserving charities in any way possible.

IMG_0849.jpgThe last item "auctioned" has become an Upstate Area Holiday Party tradition. A few years ago, a "Sally Carrera" (from the movie Cars) Pez dispenser was auctioned for a large sum. The Pez dispenser has been brought back and re-auctioned every year since. The winner becomes the custodian of the dispenser, a symbol of the Upstate Area's commitment to charity. The past two years, Sally Carrera was auctioned as a group item. This year the party attendees bid $20 each for Sally Carrera. This one item alone raised $1,000.

IMG_0847.jpgIn total, the Upstate Area Holiday Party raised over $6,300 for charity. This, combined with the funds raised at the monthly Area meetings and the Carolinas Region charity match, resulted in a total contribution to the St. Vincent DePaul Society of $7,370. According to Upstate Area Member Gail Hediger, the funds were used by the St. Vincent DePaul Society to directly help 53 families (199 people) across the Upstate. Just some of the ways help was provided: utilities were kept on for 20 families, 5 families avoided eviction and late payments were made for 10 families. Once again, Upstate Area members demonstrated their generosity and commitment to representing the Porsche Club in a positive light.

The holiday party was a very fitting end to a busy Porsche-related year. We are all looking forward to 2013 and the many activities on the Carolinas Region calendar. The Upstate Area members hope you all had a Happy Holiday season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.