Protech Chili Cook Off - 2013
February, 21 2013
By John Budinich

Chili Cook Off Party The annual Protech Chili Cook Off was held on Saturday, February 9th at Protech Motorsports in Greenville. Bill and Frank Gerwig of Protech hosted the eagerly anticipated event and again there was a great turnout. This year there were over 88 people in attendance and everyone had a great time. Not only did Bill and Frank make the shop available to us, they provided the soft drinks, water, utensils and paper plates.

Chili Tasting Chili Tasting Now lets get to the particulars. There were 20 pots of chili entered in the judging, ranging from mild to wild. This year there were many varieties of chili as well, including beef, chicken and even a sausage variation. In addition to the chili, we had a judging category for desserts with 15 entries. Attendees also brought 11 variations of appetizers to share among the guests. Thanks go to all the entrants and those who brought appetizers for bringing a great variety of tasty food. I can assure you no one went home hungry.

Cook Off Deserts After all the votes were tabulated, it was time to recognize the winners. This year’s voting was the closest in recent memory. In the chili category, the first three places were separated by one vote. A tiebreaker was used to determine second and third places. The dessert category was even closer as there was a tie for first place. Again a tiebreaker was utilized to determine the winner. This just goes to show that the food is getting better and better every year.

Chili Winners 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dessert Winner We first recognized Bill Gerwig, as he just celebrated his 25th Anniversary as a PCA member. The group then thanked Bill & Frank Gerwig for their ongoing support of the Carolinas Region PCA and its members. And now it’s time to announce the winners. The winner in the dessert category was Candas Laugherty for her fabulous blueberry dessert. As for the main event, the group photo accompanying this report shows the chili winners. They are Gail Hediger, 3rd Place, Bill Gerwig, 2nd Place, and the 1st Place winner and Chili Cook Off Champion for 2013, Stephen Avery. Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all of those who participated by bringing chili, appetizers and deserts to be judged, or just by coming to eat, talk and have a good time.

Until next year…