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About Carolinas Region PCA


With approximately 3000 members and affiliates we are the 2nd largest region in Zone 3 and the 7th largest of all PCA regions.

Additionally, the Carolinas Region is the largest geographical region in the PCA. Our region covers most of North and South Carolina. Because of our size, we are broken up into 7 ‘Areas’ to better accommodate our size and geographic diversity. Each area is led by an Area Director and hosts a monthly meeting. View the Region Map on the About Us page to identify your Area and the Officers & Board page to identify your Area Director.

The Carolinas Region is extremely active. Each year we host multiple Drivers Education events, driving tours, SommerFest (a 3 day multi-event weekend), an Autocross Series, People Choice Concours, Area Holiday Parties and a Regional Membership Appreciation party. Our areas hold many local events such as Chili Cook-Offs, Wine Tours, Dinner Drives, Rallies, etc.

Check out our Calendar for a full list of events that may interest you.

History of the forming of the Carolinas Region PCA

The Carolinas Region was formed December 3,1960 with 31 members in Greensboro, NC. A board of directors was formed and Officers were elected. Harold Neal was the first President of the Carolinas Region. In 62 years we have had 42 presidents including our current President. When the Region was initially formed it encompassed most of North Carolina and South Carolina and was the largest geographical Region within PCA in the US. In the early days, some members would travel 200 plus miles with kids in tow to participate in meetings or events. Meetings were held in members’ homes and often times included “sleepovers” to allow for participation for those members that had to travel great distances. Membership grew and participation increased. The leaders of the Region realized it would be impossible to properly serve the members of the region with this broad geographical area. To better serve all the members of the Carolinas Region, areas were formed and eventually totaled 8 areas. This restructuring allowed for better access for all members of the Region to participate in monthly meetings and events within the Region. Each Area has an “Area Director”. Officers are elected and committees are established at the Region level. All Area Directors are board members. PCA does not recognize the areas—only the Region. Since Carolinas Region was established in 1960, 3 areas within the Region have formed new Regions within PCA. Hurricane Region was formed in 1995, Appalachian Region in 2015 and Three Rivers in 2015. Areas were geographically realigned and we currently have 7 areas within the Carolinas Region. We believe the creation of areas within the Region has contributed to our growth and participation of events.

Currently the Carolinas Region has over 3,700 total members with approximately 2,400 of these being Primary members. The Carolinas Region hosts Track and Social Events which currently include multiple HPDE events, an autocross Series, Club Race, Spring Tour and Fall Tour. Our 7 Areas are extremely active with monthly meetings, Area Holiday Parties, tech sessions, weekday and weekend drives/tours and social gatherings. Many Region and Area events include Charity Raffles and other Charity Events for local charities around the Region. Participation for all Regional and Area events is open to all members of the Region.

Our Region calendar includes all Region and Area events and is posted on the website and in our monthly publication, Tobacco Roads. Other means of communication include Facebook, Instagram, Website, monthly Publication of Newsletter and emails.

Region Map - 2023
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Past Presidents

Term President Term President
1961 Harold Neal   1962 Dewey Parks
1963 Harvey L. Chaney   1964 William E. Miller
1965 Earle Garrett III   1966 Tom Creasy
1967 N. K. (Randy) Wright   1968 Leonard Matthews III
1969 Sidney Cohn   1970 Arch Lineberger
1971-1972 Broadus Brannon   1973 Harold D. Leatherman
1974 Bascom (B.J.) Craven   1975 Leonard Matthews III
1976 O. Reagan Rowe, Jr.   1977 Bascom (B.J.) Craven
1978 William Funderud   1979 Anthony A. Milne
1980 Michael E. Todd   1981 G. H. Sharp
1982 J. Bruce Withrow   1983-1984 Davis (Dave) Lumpkin
1985-1986 G. Allen Roof   1987-1988 W.L. Wood
1989 Larry Sheldrick   1990 Wade Brickhouse
1991 Helen Lane   1992 Kenneth Michalek
1993-1994 Peter Chase   1995 Brian Sartori
1996-1997 Cliff Hudgins   1998 Gary Baumgardner
1999 Charles Zachman   2000 Bob Blenis
2001-2002 Richard Davis   2003-2005 Michael Contino
2006-2008 Bob Saville   2009-2012 Harvey Yancey
2013-2014 Doug Smith   2015-2018 Brian Powell
2019-2020 Sadie Kilcrease   2021-present Jerry Widner